Students learning about election

Published 1:27 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell- news editor
Students have been listening to debates, campaign speeches and other political new items during the 2008 presidential election campaign - and they've paid attention.
As part of an effort to hear the opinions of students, Channel 1, a teen-produced educational news network, has invited students across the country to cast a vote for the next president.
Julia Clements at T.R. Miller High School also allowed a group of her economic students to participate in a mock election.
In an exit poll at W.S. Neal High School, seniors were almost evenly divided on their choice for president.
Logan Blackman agreed.
McCain didn't walk away empty handed in the W.S. Neal Election. Heath Crutchfield said he cast his vote for the republican candidate.
McCain also won the votes of Ava Lucas and Travis Salter at W.S. Neal.
At T.R. Miller, seniors also were nearly equally divided in an exit poll Friday.
Melissa Perry had a different view expressing her support for Obama.
Emily Isacson said he chose to cast a vote for McCain for many reasons.
Actual results of on-campus voting at W.S. Neal and T.R. Miller high schools will be released Tuesday.