Editorial found offensive

Published 2:31 pm Monday, November 3, 2008

By Staff
I find your editorial on Sarah Palin very offensive, even though you say you are not endorsing anyone or bashing, it seems like bashing to me when a candidate is attacked because of her clothing, and nothing is said whatsoever about the opposition candidate.
If you would investigate further, I think you will find the clothes were on a “loaner' basis to be used for three days, and then returned to whomever provided the wardrobe.
It is my understanding that the numbers quoted reflected the value of the products being discussed.
I am sure she had acceptable clothing, as would any candidate running for any office and I regret that this happened, but this one sided bashing of anything Republican bothers me greatly.
I do not think the citizens of Brewton Alabama, and surrounding markets need this sort of biased commentary.  We are getting enough of that from the national media.
I do respect your every right to your opinion, and I look forward to your review of the opposing candidate, hopefully in the very near future.
Joe Gordy
Brewton resident

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