Council members take their oaths

Published 2:52 pm Wednesday, November 5, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Mayors and council members took the oath of office Monday in Brewton and East Brewton with family, friends and supporters in attendance at both events.
Brewton's mayor, Ted Jennings, took the oath of office first pledging his allegiance to serve the city and the residents. Jennings was sworn in by Brewton attorney, Ed Hines.
Escambia County District Judge David Jordan administered the oath of office for Dennis Dunaway, Frank Cotten, Cary Barton and Fred Barton.
Brewton attorney, Everette Price, administered the oath of office for Joe Nathan Watson.
Councilmen taking their positions at the council bench for the first time included Dennis Dunnway in the District 1 seat; Fred Barton in the District 5 seat; and Joe Nathan Watson in the District 4 position.
Returning Brewton councilmen included Frank Cotten in the District 2 seat and Cary Barton in the District 3.
In East Brewton, Judge Jordan took on the duties of administering the oath of office to Mayor Terry Clark and all five councilmen taking office.
Newly-elected councilmen in East Brewton were Bob Arrant for Place 4 and Ludon Simmons in the Place 3 seats.
Returning councilmen in East Brewton included Ned Siebert in Place 1; Kenneth Hultz in Place 2; and Wayne Howard in Place 5.
Following in the swearing in ceremonies in Brewton, Frank Cotten was nominated for and appointed to the position of Mayor Pro Tem for the current term. The council also set the date and time for all regular council meetings to be held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m.
In East Brewton, Kenneth Hultz was nominated and appointed as Mayor Pro Tem for the current term. Council meetings were also scheduled to be held the second and fourth Monday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Committees were also established in East Brewton. The street and sanitation committee consists of Hultz, Arrant and Clark. The fire department committee includes Simmons, Sibert and Clark. The police department committee include Sibert, Howard and Clark.