Shop Brewton first, last

Published 4:31 pm Monday, November 17, 2008

By Staff
The holiday season is quickly approaching, and Brewton area residents have an opportunity to help the local economy.
With downtown merchants planning a special pre-holiday sale Thursday, shoppers will be afforded an opportunity to save money on items on their list.
Brewton merchants are known for their friendly, helpful attitudes when shoppers enter their store. The customer service you'll find at stores owned by local folks is unequalied anywhere.
That should be reason enough to stay at home while doing your holiday shopping this year.
When you stay at home to shop this season, you might be surprised at what you'll find. So many Brewton shop owners have made special efforts to offer unique items that simply can't be found in big stores elsewhere.
The upcoming Holiday Kickoff is just a few days away, and the time is perfect to check out the merchandise you'll find in our hometown.
The event has been in the planning stages for several weeks and will culminate with a variety of entertainment, food, prizes and, of course, bargains on unique gifts.
If you've traveled elsewhere to do shopping in years past, make this year a economical one. Not only will you save money by shopping in Brewton, you'll keep the economy moving.
This year, more than ever, we encourage shopping Brewton first - and last.

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