Truck found in EB

Published 4:19 pm Monday, November 17, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
An East Brewton woman helped to get a tractor truck back to a Canadian company this week after the truck and its trailer were reported stolen by the owner.
Julie Hardy, an acquaintance, led driver Ryan Donald Spann to police.
Ed Frederette, owner of Unique Freight Systems in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, said Spann had given a variety of excuses as to why he hadn't delivered the load or returned the truck to the owner.
Spann, of Canada, reportedly left the terminal of the trucking company headed for a delivery in Selma.
Frederette said Canadian law doesn't have anything on the books that would allow for having Spann arrested.
Although Frederette said he'd like to see Spann punished for what he did to the company, it appears his hands may be tied.
Frederette said Spann went to the police station to see about picking up the trailer that had been impounded by police.
Frederette had previously said the freight on the trailer had an estimated value of $200,000, while the truck was estimated to be worth $70,000.
Spann was not arrested and no charges have been filed against him.