Traveling safety is up to you

Published 5:30 pm Monday, November 24, 2008

By Staff
Alabama state troopers are always looking out for the well-being of drivers along the roads and highways of our state.
With the holiday season getting into swing next week, officials with the Alabama Department of Public Safety have initiated a safety campaign in which they hope citizens will become involved.
As fuel prices continue to slowly come down to a more affordable price, consumers will no doubt return to driving habits previously ejoyed. that, of course, means more cars on the highways which translates to a higher possibility of accidents.
As the troopers begin their initiative to be on a higher alert status for catching intoxicated drivers, they are asking for our help.
Citizens are being asked to alert law enforcement officials if they see suspicious or otherwise erratic driving while on the roads across the state.
When you think about what that means, it assures us that law enforcment values the ability of people to help keep one another safe.
With so many more drivers on the roads due to holiday travel, lower fuel costs and increased shopping expeditions, the chances of someone spotting a drunk driver dramatically increase.
It is up to the people of our state to watch out for one another.
Troopers, of course, can't be everywhere 24-hours a day. With so many rural roads throughout the state, thousands of troopers would have difficulty patrolling all of them.
As you take to the back roads, highways and interstate corridors this year, remember to buckle up, drive safely and watch out for the other driver. Report any suspicious activities or bad driving to state troopers to assure driving grace.
Pressing *HP on your cell phone could save someone's life - maybe even your own.

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