In all things, give thanks

Published 6:06 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

By Staff
As Thanksgiving approaches many Americans will take time to enjoy the company of family and friends for a home-cooked meal and some football time.
With the state of the current economy, many may find difficulty in finding something for which to be thankful.
As a reminder that Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, we encourage families to join together and list those things that are imporant and steady in their lives.
A gaggle of e-mails circulate on a regular basis about the blessings of life. Included in some of those emails are reminders of things often forgotten in times of trials and tribulations in daily life.
Some points to ponder this Thanksgiving include: when you wake each morning, be thankful to be alive; when you rise from your bed onto aching feet and legs, be thankful you had a bed to sleep in and the ability to walk; when you complain about having to leave home and work another long, hard day on your job, be thankful you are employed; when you complain about the rattle in your car's engine or even the price of gas, be thankful you have a means of transportation and don't have to walk to where you have to go; when you complain that the food is too salty or not exactly what you wanted for dinner, be thankful that you have food of any kind to eat; when you complain there's nothing to watch on television, be thankful you have a television to watch and the comfort of a home in which to enjoy your time off.
This Thanksgiving, we encourage everyone to search for something for which to give thanks. It shouldn't be a hard task if you just consider the alternatives.

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