Remember to ‘love thy neighbor'

Published 6:34 pm Monday, December 1, 2008

By Staff
Mayor Ted Jennings had a simple reminder for Brewton citizens last week: Take care of each other.
Jennings, relating the story of an elderly acquaintance who lived alone and couldn't turn on the heat during the recent cold nights, said he hopes Brewton residents remember to check in on their neighbors who are living alone and don't have anyone to look after them.
Jennings' advice is simple, and it touches on what is most important this and every holiday season: We need to care for each other.
So often, in the hustle and bustle between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we forget what the season is about. Ironically, in the rush to decorate and shop and bake for our loved ones, we might forget to think about their most important needs.
Many people living alone just need someone to check in on them from time to time, to make sure they have what they need.
The simple act of turning the thermostat when the weather gets cold is difficult for people who are bed-bound most of the time.
And, unfortunately, not everyone has someone to look after them every day. It doesn't take long to stop by or pick up the phone, and it can make such a huge difference.
Jesus told us, “Love thy neighbor.” As we celebrate the season of His birth, we should heed one of his most important lessons.