Alabama shuts out Tigers 36-0, wins Iron Bowl

Published 7:04 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By Staff
Man, it sure does feel good to get that six-year monkey off my back. Man, I feel so much lighter.
In case you are wondering what in the world all that means, I am referring to Alabama's 36-0 win over the Auburn Tigers Saturday in the Iron Bowl at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
After six straight years of losing to Auburn, Alabama ended their losing streak with a dominant win. It makes the Crimson Tide one more step closer to a perfect, undefeated season and with a win this week over the Florida Gators, will play for their first national championship since winning it in 1992.
But back to the Iron Bowl win.
It was the most lopsided Iron Bowl win in 46 years when Alabama won 38-0 over Auburn in 1962. It was also Alabama's first win over Auburn in Tuscaloosa.
It was Alabama's first shutout win over Auburn since 1992 when Gene Stallings led Alabama to a 17-0 win over Pat Dye and Auburn in Birmingham at Legion Field. Will the latest shutout for Alabama over Auburn cost another Auburn head coach their job in Tommy Tuberville? Time will only tell.
Did I say1992 was the last time Alabama shutout Auburn? Why does that year seem to stick out in my mind? Hmmm, let me see.
Oh, now I remember. That was the year Alabama won the national championship. Coincidence?
After that 1992 win over Auburn, Alabama went and played Florida in the first year of the SEC Championship game and won 28-21.
Again, a coincidence of playing Florida. We will see, after Saturday if Alabama pulls off a win. The last time Alabama went to the SEC championship game was 1999 when they defeated Florida. It was the second time in the 1999 season that Alabama defeated Florida.
After their 28-21 win over Florida in 1992, Alabama played Miami and won 34-13.
Guess what people, the 2009 FedEx BCS National Championship Game will be hosted at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on January 8, 2009, and will feature the #1 and #2 teams as determined by the BCS Rankings to decide the BCS National Championship.
Seeing another coincidence? How about another one, if people thought this years Saban's at LSU game this year was a big deal, think about if Saban has Alabama playing in the National Championship game in Miami. The same Miami that he left much worse than he did LSU to come to the University of Alabama.
If the current BS standings, oh I am sorry the BCS standings. Stand correct as of right now, Alabama will play Oklahoma for the national championship.
I know that both teams still have their conference championship games to win, but as of right now, that is the match up.
Which I think is wrong. Texas should be ahead of Oklahoma right now due to the Longhorns 45-35 win over the Sooners head-to-head this year.
How about that as a match up?
Alabama versus their old offensive coordinator in Major Applewhite and against former Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp.
Anyways, all in all, this column was supposed to be a little seriousness mixed in with a little comedy.
On a different note, I hope all have a great week and until we meet again here or out in the world of sports, God bless.