Red nose warms old hearts

Published 7:27 pm Monday, December 8, 2008

By Staff
I guess I've known for quite some time that I'm grown, but last week I became fully aware that my childhood is over.
With the holiday season quickly approaching, television stations are beginning to flood the airwaves with holiday programming.
On Wednesday evening of last week, my husband announced that “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was coming on in just a few minutes. I even noticed a hint of joy in his voice as he made the announcement.
I made my way from the kitchen and found my place in the living room to enjoy the show with him and my son.
My 9-year-old son came from his room to see what my husband was talking about and sat down beside me for the show.
It didn't take long for Landon to become bored with the animation that was a wonder back in the mid 1960s. He wasn't impressed.
As Larry and I sat watching the show, I realized just how old I am. When those few animated features came on the television oh, so many years ago, it was one of the most wonderful things we had ever experienced in our young lives.
After seeing the animation being produced for today's children, it does seem a bit choppy, jerky and, quite frankly, awful.
The realization I came to while watching the program is much like the realization a person comes to when they see the magician palm the cards or see the wires of the Peter Pan ride at Disney World.
It's kind of a sickening feeling. Because my son was unimpressed, I realized then that much of the wonder had gone from my life.
I'm not sad about losing that sense of wonder or amazement. It simply brought some things into reality for my husband and me.
The Christmas animated show we saw was produced in 1964. My son quickly pointed out that my husband and I were only 3 years old when the show was first broadcast. I can remember sitting in front of the one television in our house watching the Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown shows with awe, amazement and laughter.
In reaching the age that I am, I have learned many things that have taken the child-like wonder out of my life.
Even though I admittedly found the Rudolph show to be antiquated in its style, I was still eagerly watching every bobble the Abominable Snow monster made.
I was saddened by the dreary faces on the toys bound to the Island of Misfit Toys and overjoyed when Santa found Rudolph should be the lead reindeer that stormy Christmas Eve.
Having a 9-year-old bring you into the harsh reality that you've reached middle age certainly is no treat. But, the memories and the feelings watching those “old” shows brought to us were priceless last week.
As most of us face unwanted realities in our lives day after day after day, I hope this season brings you some fond memories of childhood joys. Give your past some attention and pay no attention to the wires.
Lisa Tindell is news editor for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by e-mail at

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