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Published 9:01 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2008

By Staff
There are many problems that our country faces that don't have any one right answer.
Financial aid to the automotive industry is a classic example.
Everyone will not be pleased with any plan set in motion. What I suggest may seem a bit radical.
Give the big three some money, strictly stipulating that every vehicle sold must be “tanked” and “fuel injected” so as to burn natural gas or gasoline.
Then, tax gasoline $1 per gallon. The price of oil would stay low because of the lack of a demand.
Billions of dollars will then stay in this country and boost our economy.
We will create jobs producing and distributing the national gas.
We will bring forth jobs equipping service stations for the sale of natural gas.
Jobs will also come from innovative methods of equipping existing vehicles to burn natural gas.
Any person adapting their car or truck to natural gas would then be eligible for a tax credit as reimbursement.
A portion of the tax should be allotted to the service stations for the expense of adding natural gas tanks.
Some of the tax could be set aside for the rebuilding of roads and bridges, creating more jobs.
Putting this plan forward would drop harmful emissions from fossil fuels by at least 50 percent. And possibly decrease the need to drill in areas that may be harmful to the environment.
Last, and most important, it will give the American people reasons to work toward a better future.
Mason Fleming

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