Local tax revenue stays up

Published 11:27 pm Monday, January 5, 2009

By Staff
Final numbers aren't in just yet, but officials in both Brewton and East Brewton are projecting sales tax figures to be up for the past year.
In a year when many of us are watching our money, that's good news for both communities.
And it speaks to the wisdom of local residents who are keeping their tax dollars here at home.
The new Walmart Supercenter has drawn shoppers from Brewton and from surrounding areas, which is helping increase our tax dollars.
But other local businesses are also holding their own, and some new restaurants and shops are serving residents and visitors.
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of shopping locally.
For one thing, the sales tax revenue stays in local coffers - and that revenue is what powers our local governments and the services all of us rely upon, from garbage pickup to fire departments to police protection.
But when you shop locally, you also keep dollars circulating in Brewton and East Brewton.
The store at which you buy clothes or gifts has employees who can earn money to buy food at local restaurants or gas at local gas stations - rather than spending it in another community.
We're glad to see that local businesses are continuing their success - and local governments are keeping their tax revenue up.