Kudos to library for new system

Published 12:24 am Monday, January 12, 2009

By Staff
The Brewton Public Library has recently added something new to the offerings to residents of this area.
Recent changes at the library have allowed the placment of a special computer geared toward allowing contact with military personnel.
The Brewton Public Library can boast being only one of 106 facilities in Alabama to offer the service to family of military personnel.
The broadband connection is accessible on one computer in the library that is also equipped with a web cam. The two components of the computer will allow family members to have conversations with their military loved ones via the internet. Not only will these special connections allow conversations between loved ones, each person will be able to see their loved ones in real time.
We applaud those involved in establishing this program at Brewton's public library.
In a time when military unrest has families disconnected from each other, a chance to see and hear their loved one in real time can only be a blessing for those at home and those military men and women fighting wars on foreign soil.
It is our hope that other library officials across the state will see the need for such a service at their facilities.
To put military men and women in touch with family members at home can be a comfort in times of stress. Allowing family members to see their loved ones alive and well can only be a blessing.