Take time to visit with Shelby

Published 2:52 am Wednesday, January 28, 2009

By Staff
It seems to be a favorite pastime of American citizens to complain about their government.
And while that is certainly our right, you have a chance to go straight to the source on Saturday and ask questions for yourself.
U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby will be in Brewton for an annual county visit. He will talk about current issues facing the Senate and the state, and he will take questions from the audience.
We can't imagine a more critical time to be discussing national issues with one of our elected officials.
Shelby will most likely discuss the economy, the proposed economic stimulus package, the war and other issues.
If there's anything he leaves out, you get to ask a question.
Shelby takes time to visit each county in the state - all 67 of them - at least once per year.
Since he took office, that makes more than 1,400 county visits across the state.
Shelby works for us, and we should expect him to make those visits and make himself available for constituents, but the reality is that not all elected officials are so open and accessible. We're glad that Shelby has chosen this route, and we hope as many citizens as possible will take advantage of his visit on Saturday.
Shelby will be at the Brewton Public Library at 2 p.m. We know you probably have a million things to get done that day, but Shelby is taking time out of his busy schedule - we're sure that many of us should be able to do the same.