There's no place like home

Published 2:54 am Wednesday, January 28, 2009

By Staff
My husband was born here and when we retired we decided to move to Brewton.
Our family, with two of our six children, moved to Brewton from Riverside, Cal., and it was the best move we made.
We all should think about our hometown. First our God and His Son are the head of all activities. We are all blessed with our Father's blessings to our town.
We moved here in 1984 and met many people that really were there and are still there when we need them.
Our sons were killed in 1987. I wish that everyone could have been near Brewton. The people of Brewton were there for us from all walks of life. When there is a problem big enough, city and counties are there to assist you. Escambia County and Brewton City are there to give you a hand up, not to push you down.
I'm proud to live in Brewton. I don't see hate, I see love.
We have stores that the people are kind. I go to the medical center and D.W. McMillan Hospital. We have some of the best doctors here. We don't have to leave Brewton. I have a good doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Low. We have everything to work with right here at home in Brewton. God is watching. We have some of the best of people that work for us, City and County schools are good and God's Houses are great. We all are family.
I'm not a hand shaker, I'm a hugger, so I can always pull you up, not push you down.
We all need to take a look at what we have and thank God for his blessing.
Pearl Stallworth

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