Hitler's image brings concern

Published 3:41 am Monday, February 2, 2009

By Staff
Hitler, chancellor of Germany, and his picture are what welcomed me to the city of Brewton Monday. Monday, Jan. 19, that is. The same Monday that happened to be the federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Monday that happened to be the eve of the historic inauguration of this country's first black president.
With all of these historic events, the only thing that the city of Brewton could do is glorify a world known terrorist by disseminating his rise of power on its welcome center marquee. How distasteful and appalling. Not only that but also there were other dates, events and grainy photo images of other events that few consider to be historic. By the way, I say, “The city of Brewton” because the city's clerk is the “go to man” for displaying announcements on the center's marquee, thus making anything disseminated on the marquee the sole liability of the city of Brewton.
What I could not understand is why the first Super Bowl, or the Battle of New Orleans or the picture of Adolf Hitler was of more importance on this particular day than the picture of Dr. King or words anticipating the inauguration of President Obama. Was it a joke?
One wouldn't have to agree with it but these are events that are and will be written in history books as well. So what's different? Is it race? Is it politics?
I don't know if I felt insulted by or sorry for the individuals responsible for this act, knowing that there are human beings who still have hatred and biasness in their hearts and would rather glorify hate over love or divisiveness over unity. In addition to this, being that the city is the responsible party, shouldn't ethics play a part?
Now one thing that I would like to add is my great appreciation for those who orchestrated and participated in the MLK Day celebrations and parades all over the county, especially here in Brewton. I can only pray that we continue to do whatever it is that we need to do in order to keep Dr. King's dream alive. Thankfully, with the election of the United States' first black president, his dream is coming into fruition.
Shame on the city of Brewton.
Aubrina W. Bowens

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