Coping skills now necessary

Published 4:26 am Sunday, February 8, 2009

By Staff
No one has to tell us that we are in extraordinary economic circumstances right now. While times are not dire for Brewton and Escambia County, we are all feeling the effects of the global recession.
But this is not a time to look for the sky to fall.
This is a time to look for innovative ways to cope - and to work together to find our way through this economic downturn.
Unfortunately, we're afraid that partisan politics is going to derail plans on both the federal and state level.
Alabama lawmakers are looking at how to budget for the general fund and for education with shortfalls inevitable for both, and they have proposals on the table from Gov. Bob Riley that would give tax credits to businesses that create jobs. Paired with other ideas to stimulate the economy, Riley's proposals are a smart way to get people back to work.
But as many observers have noted, the possibility of partisan bickering is looming, particularly in the state Senate.
Meanwhile, bipartisanship may be a pipe dream in Washington as lawmakers debate the massive economic stimulus plan proposed by President Barack Obama.
We understand that there will be disagreements as to the nature of some of the spending ideas, but we need lawmakers to put aside their differences and come to the table for a major compromise - and a major stimulus package to get the economy moving again.
Just as those of us who wring our hands rather than take action to save money at home and at work will be left behind, lawmakers who engage in partisan bickering rather than rolling up their sleeves and working together will drive our economy over the cliff.
It's time to get to work and get people working again.