Recycling can show county pride

Published 6:04 am Wednesday, February 18, 2009

By Staff
Do you take pride in your county? If so, plan to take part in the county-wide recycling event set to take place this Saturday.
Residents across Escambia County have the chance to dispose of electronics and other hazardous materials free of charge.
Electronic equipment including televisions, computers, printers, printer ink cartridges and similar items can be disposed of at no charge.
Those items are not accepted at any landfill in Escambia County, so there is always a possibility that people will try to dump them illegally.
Brewton residents can take their items to a recycling location at the old Walmart on Douglas Avenue. Flomaton residents can take recyclables to the Flomaton Fire House.
You should be aware that only electronic devices will be accepted during this drive.
Here are the items accepted during the recycling drive: televisions, telephones, microwaves, keyboards, cameras, copiers, vacuums, DVD players, computers, cell phones, speakers, computer mice, projectors, printers, VCRs, hard drives, copiers, LCT and CRT monitors, ink cartridges, remote controls, FAX machines, transformers, HUBs/modems, non-hazardous medical equipment and rechargeable batteries for electronic devices.
Items that will not be accepted are include refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, household garbage, tires, paint, pesticides, bio-waste, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, mercury containing devices, hazardous chemicals and smoke detectors.
By the way, the county is incurring an expense for the recycling project — even though it is free for residents — so we encourage you to make a donation if you are able to the project.