Cottrell a man of ‘great valor’

Published 7:21 am Wednesday, March 4, 2009

By Staff
Danny Cottrell — loving, kind-hearted, humble — these are merely a few words to describe the spirit of this great man.
I am writing this article to express to the community the genuine love that I have for Mr. Cottrell, who was my boss for over 30 years. On Feb. 9, 1979, I began my career at the Brewton Medical Center Pharmacy. From that day until this, Danny has treated me like nothing less than a sister.
In 2004, I became disabled and could no longer be employed at the pharmacy, but Danny still permits me to come and volunteer once a week to spend time around the people that I have come to know as family.
Over the years while working under Danny, I’ve had the pleasure of observing all the wonderful things that he does for his community. He has always been charitable to the people of this city in dealing with their prescriptions and medications. He has also been extensively respectable to the elderly in aiding with the transportation of their medications to their homes.
Just last week, Danny distributed approximately $16,000 among all of his employees. Not only did he give to his current employees, but he included me also. This further illustrates the sincerity that Mr. Cottrell has not only for the community, but for his staff also.
It is with honor today that I can express my appreciation to the gentleman who made my career earnestly delightful.
To Mr. Danny Cottrell: May God bless you in all of your endeavors; I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a man of such great valor. Continue to walk in the light of being a help to your community; and in the words of our great motto at the Brewton Medical Center Pharmacy, “I’ll always treat you like family.”
Bobbie Edwards
Brewton resident