City park to close Monday|Renovation work to begin this week

Published 8:00 am Monday, March 16, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

If work goes as expected, Brewton area residents will be able to enjoy quiet, peaceful times in the Brewton City Park in time for the holidays.
Members of the Brewton Tree and Beautification Board received approval from the city council last week to close Brewton’s park beginning Monday in preparation for renovation work to begin at the downtown location.
Board member Joe Gordy said the park’s closing is essential in moving ahead with plans to revamp the park.
Gordy said shrubbery removal and relocation will be the first order of business once the park is closed.
Gordy said the gazebo will be removed from the property and will be placed elsewhere on city property.
A new gazebo will be built for the park and will encompass a larger area, Gordy said.
Gordy said the new gazebo is being constructed in such a manner that a small band or other entertainment group would be able to use the structure as a stage.
One of the first visible differences residents will see in the park will be the installation of a clock tower at the northern end of the property, Gordy said.
Bids for the majority of the work will be let for potential contractors soon, Gordy said.
Gordy said he hopes the current economic conditions will be good for the park, the city and the park.
The bidding process usually requires a 30-day period, Gordy said. The time frame expected to complete the project could be as little as six months.
Gordy said donations for costs of the project will be accepted, and anyone who wishes to commemorate or memorialize a loved one is encouraged to do so.
Gordy said memorials can include just about anything from benches to plants to be used in the park.
To arrange for a memorial, contact Gordy at the Brewton Tree and Beautification Board at 867-2244.

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