Vision of Board will benefit city

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, March 18, 2009

By Staff
The Brewton Tree and Beautification Board is certainly taking the proper steps to further beautify Brewton.
On Monday, officials with the board began work on a project that will bring about changes to the downtown park that will be functional as well as beautiful. The finished product will be one that will be a gem in the crown of Brewton for years to come.
The first item to be incorporated into the new design of the park will be a clocktower in the northernmost corner of the park property. A gazebo that will also double as a performance stage will be placed near the center of the park offering endless opportunities for local artisits to put their talents on display.
A fountain will also be installed in the park offering a cool break from warm summer afternoons as well as providing a place for quiet, tranquil times with family and friends.
With all of the elements being planned for the park rennovation, it’s no wonder that the finished project will truly exemplify the very name of the board managing the work.
Trees will be plentiful in the park and no dough, it will be a beauty to behold for residents and visitors alike.
Funding for the project will come primarily from a private donation. The identity of the contributor is being kept a secret for reasons that haven’t been made public.
To whom ever the donor is, we offer thanks for your vision and generosity to help bring the park rennovations to reality. We also know that members of the Brewton Tree and Beautification Board won’t let you down.

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