Storms reminder of blessings

Published 9:53 am Monday, March 30, 2009

By Staff
Ruth Rhodes and Ron Crutchfield have been counting their blessings, and we should, too. Rhodes’ and Crutchfield’s property fell victim to two different storms Thursday and Friday morning. Emergency Management Director David Adams believes the storms were isolated tornadoes spun off from the thunderstorms that rocked our area over three days.
While we hope that Rhodes and Crutchfield and anyone else who saw damage from the storms will be able to clean up soon, we are grateful that no one was injured and no more serious damage occurred as a result of the dangerous storms.
Almost as soon as the storms moved through and left damage in their wake, emergency crews, law enforcement and firefighters were on the scene.
We are lucky that we have professionals and volunteers who respond quickly in these situations to keep people safe and clean up debris from roads.
As we write this, the skies are clearing, but National Weather Service forecasters are warning of the possibility of flooding of Murder Creek and the Conecuh River as a result of the storms.
We urge everyone to take precautions if you are in the area of the creek or the river, and remember that in the case of flooding, “Turn around — don’t drown.” Emergency officials say even a foot of fast-moving water in a roadway is enough to sweep a vehicle off the road.
We’ve been lucky to come through the storm safe so far — we hope we continue to stay safe in the aftermath.