‘This is a journey’|Indiana man travels with message

Published 9:47 am Monday, March 30, 2009

By By Lydia Grimes
features reporter

One of the last things you expect to see on a modern highway is a camp wagon pulled by four gigantic mules. That is just what happened this week as Randy Boehmer made his way through East Brewton and Brewton.
Boehmer left Bedford, Ind., April 1, 2008, headed for the warmer climate of Florida. Along the way he is spreading the word of God to anyone and everyone who will stop long enough to listen.
Boehmer rides in the wagon that he made himself that looks very much like an old western covered wagon. He has two companions, well, six if you count the mules pulling the wagon. Sitting along with him are two dogs, Shep and Proverb, and the Belgium draft mules are Dick, Frank, Jessie and Jack. The mules are big and dwarfs anyone standing beside them.
Boehmer’s message covers the sides of the wagons. He said he once lived with the material things of the world, but he had a rude awakening several years ago when his parents’ home was cleaned out.
According to Boehmer, he has been making new friends as he travels around on his wagon. In fact, that is what makes it harder for him to move on when he does stop for a while.