Conecuh dump still an issue

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, April 1, 2009

By Staff
Once again, I write to you concerning Conecuh Woods LLC dump.   
They are still in the area trying to gain support. I invite all concerned citizens to join Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama at a Catfish Dinner, April 4 at 4 p.m. in downtown Repton (Corner of Belleville Street and U.S. 41). The dump issue will be addressed as well as laws that need to change so that “Alabama the Beautiful” will not be such an easy target for out-of-state investors If any questions, you may contact me at 888-266-9217.
And, please remember, Conecuh Woods LLC Dump is out-of-state investors who have created an Alabama Corporation wanting to locate on the tri-county line just outside the Town of Repton but inside Conecuh County.
Conecuh Woods LLC will be 5,110 acres using a 1600 acre Dump Site. This will be one of the largest working dumps in the United States. They will ask to be permitted to receive so called “kitchen garbage” from 48 states. This proposed dump will receive up to 10,000 tons of so called “kitchen garbage” per day. The truth is that 1 percent of all “kitchen garbage” is toxic. This means that up to 100 tons of Toxic Waste will enter this dump daily.
This site is bordered by the Little Escambia Creek. This body of water appears to eventually run through Escambia Counties in Alabama and Florida and empties into Escambia Bay (Gulf of Mexico).
This dump will sit on three separate aquifers that could affect Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, etc.
It is rumored that this dump would receive over 700 rail cars per day of garbage.  Where will this garbage enter Alabama in order to be put onto the rail cars? The Port of Mobile? The Alabama River?
The Environmental Protection Agency for the Federal Government says that eventually all landfills leak. Unfortunately, out-of-state investors have realized that “Alabama the Beautiful” is an easy target. Did you know that there are six counties within a 130 mile radius of Conecuh County that have privately owned dumps that take out-of-state waste? One is permitted for 16 states while another is permitted for Louisiana and everything east of the Mississippi. The others take from at least two states. Were you aware that Emelle, Ala., is home to the largest toxic waste dump in North America? And, if this weren’t bad enough, New York state now ships, via rail, there bio mass (human waste = urine + feces) to North Alabama for fertilzer.
This issue affects all citizens of Alabama and neighboring States.  I want to continue to live in “Alabama the Beautiful” not “Alabama the Dump.”  Please, join me in fighting for our future generations and our state. Begin today. Pray. Put out a Nno dump sign. Attend the CCSA catfish dinner, April 4 in downtown Repton at 4 p.m. 
Terri B. Carter
Mayor of Repton
Member of Repton
Restoration Society
Member of Citizens for a
Clean Southwest Alabama

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