Spring's best|Fashion goes lighter for season

Published 10:53 am Thursday, April 9, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell and Lydia Grimes
Fashion trends come and go but classic styles will always be popular. Trends also change with the season and the changes in fashion this spring are bringing a world of color, beauty and style into the closets of women everywhere.
Smith said bold colors of turquoise, any shade of purple and blood orange are hot colors for the spring and summer fashion scene.
The three-quarter pant is a length somewhere between crop length and Capri length, Smith said.
Fashion for the younger set sees changes as well, however, there is one kind of fashion that never goes out of style
Heirloom clothing is one of the most popular designs in children’s clothing. The styles were beautiful in days gone by and they look just as good today.
Rhonelda Blackburn, owner of Southern Heirlooms in downtown Brewton, said the fashions sell just as good today as they did when she first opened her shop.
Blackburn said she has always loved children’s clothes and liked to look in stores at what all was available. Heirloom clothing was not meant to be worn on an everyday basis. It is made from fine material, laces and ribbons and looks very delicate.
Fashion items aren’t limited to dresses, paints and blouses. Shoes, purses and totes are all considered an important part of the total look for the season.
Saloom also said sandals are becoming a more versatile part of any women’s wardrobe with some very unique designs.
The shoes, which consist of a solid base, can be changed to match any mood or style. The ribbons are secured to the shows by snaps or Velcro and can be changed in less than 30 seconds.
Not only are the changeable shoes a popular item; there is a line of thongs or flops at Bonehead Boots that are becoming the rage all across the country.
Davenport said the shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors including specialty prints.
All kinds of accessories are being considered a part of fashion this season, including jewelry, Smith said.
Even umbrellas can be considered an accessory, especially in the spring, Saloom said.
For a more casual look, there is a popular line of t-shirts that will fit any wardrobe made for relaxing and taking it easy.
Whether you’re looking for an Easter frock or some great clothes and shoes for the beach, shop Brewton merchants first.