The Never-ending season|McCorvey and Brundidge play four sports at T.R. Miller

Published 11:02 am Thursday, April 9, 2009

By By Adam Robinson
Sports Editor

Lady Tiger junior Janel McCorvey and freshman Leah Brundidge’s sports seasons never end.
The duo begin the school year playing volleyball, move right into basketball season, shift into softball and then compete in track. That’s four straight seasons of practice, workouts and games.
But they aren’t complaining.
The daily routine — school, practice, and homework — can get tiring, especially with so many sports back to back. But both girls said the work is worth it.
McCorvey said she doesn’t get tired of playing sports — but the work is exhausting.
Both girls started playing sports when they were young.
Brundidge began taking gymnastics and dance classes, but quit them as soon as she was old enough to play softball at age 7.
McCorvey’s softball career was almost over before it barely began when she was just a youth player at the YMCA.
This past year has been busy for the T.R. Miller players.
The volleyball team was 15-4, losing in the area tournament. As soon as that season ended, Brundidge and McCorvey started their second sport, basketball
There they found their greatest success so far this year, concluding with a 26-2 record and a state championship.
The basketball season began in November and went until the end of February and concluded with a 26-2 record and a state championship.
McCorvey found it hard to describe what it was like to win the title.
After taking a one-day break from basketball, softball season began for Brundidge and McCorvey.
McCorvey had also been practicing.
This year, Brundidge and McCorvey are splitting their time on non-softball game days to compete at track meets when possible.
Brundidge had some special encouragement to join the track team — her father, Eddie Brundidge, is the coach.
Brundidge said track was different because it was her first time really practicing for it. “The hardest thing at track practice was getting my technique right for throwing the javelin,” Brundidge said.
McCorvey said both T.R. Miller cross county coach Rob Atkinson and coach Eddie Brundidge encouraged her to try track.
So which sports are the girls’ favorites?
McCorvey had a hard time deciding as well.
But one sport might stand out for McCorvey.
McCorvey said she would like to play sports in college, but with sports consuming her personal life now, she is not sure if that is a step she wants to take.
Brundidge said she usually has her own personal time on the weekends— unless it’s a tournament or game. 

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