Grant gives citizens new opportunity

Published 12:31 pm Monday, April 27, 2009

By Staff
Do you have some property that’s creating an eyesore in our community?
The City of Brewton has funds that can help clean up our city by tearing down dilapidated structures thanks to a $229,000 Community Development Block Grant.
City officials have already identified about 100 structures that should be demolished, and they are inviting local property owners to a public meeting to help add to the list.
The May 6 meeting is open to anyone regardless of income, Brewton community development director Steve Yuhasz said.
Why get rid of old buildings? We aren’t talking about historic structures here; these are dilapidated eyesores which at best hurt our community’s appearance and at worst are a huge danger to property owners and residents.
Those old buildings are unsightly not only to residents who want a clean community but also to visitors — and potential industries. Much worse, they could be a danger or a health hazard to residents.
City officials say they are going to try to stretch every penny of the grant to tear down all of the structures that need to be demolished.
We applaud the city — which has been working to get funds to demolish buildings for years — for its dogged work on this process. Our community is too special to be cluttered with unnecessary, unsightly and unsafe buildings.