Reader offers thanks to Brewton

Published 1:23 pm Monday, May 4, 2009

By Staff
I was searching on the Internet, and for some reason something told me to come to
I immediately saw the section where you can type a letter to the editor, and I thought maybe just maybe someone would post my letter into the daily newspaper.
I have had so many busy days just not enough time to actually sit down, and thank everyone who has ever helped me out or to thank everyone of my relatives that reside in Brewton. It’s been such a hard year since my dear cousin Richard Wayne Terry and my beloved Aunt Stephanie Jean McCormick passed away. The only way I made it through this far is because of Brewton.
For such a small town you can find people with the biggest hearts. I figured The Brewton Standard would enjoy someone talking so highly and greatly of Brewton.
I wouldn’t talk so highly about it if I weren’t given reasons to, and trust me I’ve been given plenty of reasons.
I am the granddaughter of Peggy and Pete McCormick, and Harry and Judy Dixon. I couldn’t ask for greater grandparents. I have type 1 juvenile diabetes, and just like any other child I did not of course ask for it. In fact, I actually really hate being a diabetic.
Without the grandparents and the family I have in Brewton I wouldn’t appreciate it the way I do now. I just wanted to say thank you, Brewton.
Meredith McCormick
Deatsville resident

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