Albritton gets political nod|Letter to the Editor

Published 3:53 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2009

By Staff
Terri B. Carter
Mayor of Repton
Many years ago, as an 18 year old, I registered as a Democrat.  I have voted in most every election available to me. But, I have never voted strictly on party lines.  I have always voted for the candidate that I felt would do the right thing. Sometimes they were Democrats, sometimes Republican and sometimes they were Independents. I am grateful for the opinions and information that the DNC, RNC, AEA etc. provide but feel that I have enough intelligence to take this information and research the issues, myself, to make my own decision on who would be the right candidate.
In Alabama elections, I use to only be concerned with our District’s State Representative and Senate Race’s.
However, while holding public office and fighting diligently against a 48 State dump from locating in “Alabama the Beautiful,” I realize that all state representative’s and senator’s are my concern because they all vote on laws that pertain to me, my family, my community and my state.
I write to you now concerning the District 22 senate race. First of all, I ask all voters to make a point to vote June 2 for whomever you believe to be the Right Candidate.
Second of all, I ask you to do your own research and make your own decision.  Visit each candidate’s Website, and
Ask yourselves, whom of these two is willing to take a stand on issues that will affect our many generations to come?  Who is willing to protect us against greedy special interests groups?  Which candidate will work and vote for us not for the special interest groups and their money?
I have done my research and I feel that the right candidate is Greg Albritton. You can see by his website, he is accessible giving his personal cell phone number for anyone who chooses to contact him. He is committed to fighting 48 states from being allowed to dump on Alabama. He is committed to supporting a 2,700 acre lake that will be located in Conecuh County which will provide the possibility of agribusiness, new construction, public recreation, tax based industry.  And, it will create many jobs before completion during the construction phase.  
Water is a precious commodity. We all learned this in the after math of Hurricane Ivan when many of us were without it. He is committed to many more issues,  And, like those above is not afraid to put his convictions in writing.
Representative Marc Keahey has been asked to take a public and written stand on opposing Conecuh Woods LLC 48 State dump but he has chosen not to do this. He also chose Matrix PR Firm to conduct his campaign, the same PR Firm who tried to bring Conecuh Woods LLC dump to “Alabama the Beautiful.”
Use my opinion, the opinion of the DNC, RNC, AEA etc. but don’t let us tell you how to vote, June 2.  I trust that you have the intelligence to research and make your own decision.
Terri B. Carter
Mayor of Repton