Projects can boost city’s worth

Published 4:05 pm Monday, June 1, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

In a time when many business and industry leaders are busy with cost cutting, Brewton city officials are moving ahead with a multitude of projects to benefit residents.
Brewton Mayor Ted Jennings said the list of ongoing or completed projects consists of just more than $26 million in work.
Director of Community Development Steve Yuhasz said some of the projects could increase the worth of the city.
Yuhasz said that many businesses look at these types of amenities in a city when considering building or expanding to the area.
Jennings said many projects have been completed recently and more projects are ongoing.
Jennings said the project list is evidence of long-term planning by many people in the city government.
Jennings said the largest project on the list is for a new facility that will be Brewton Middle School.
Jennings said the school is a major project; however, other projects were just as important to citizens in the city.
A renovation project estimated to cost $380,000 has begun at the Brewton City Park, Jennings said. Minor work has already begun on the site with the removal of the old gazebo. Machinery was in place last week to remove all concrete surfaces from the location in anticipation on new landscaping and structures.
A walking trail planned to connect Burnt Corn Creek Park and O’Bannon Park is expected to come at a $787,000 price tag.
Another project that involves the Alabama Department of Transportation is work planed on a turn lane at U.S. 31 at the site of a new Brewton Middle School.
In addition to projects that will make a visible difference in the landscape of Brewton, there will be work done that will not be visible but very beneficial to residents within the city.
Jennings said the cost to make repairs in Lincoln Park is estimated at $450,000 while the Belleville Avenue work is estimated at $1.8 million.
A pair of projects are being planned that are focusing more on leisure time activities for area residents. Jennings said the two projects are ready to begin.
Other projects set to begin soon include:
The total cost of all projects named on the current list stands at $26.114 million.

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