Blood drive helps many

Published 4:38 pm Thursday, June 4, 2009

By Staff
Times are tough. Budgets are stretched to the nines. Contributions to benevolent causes are down making it difficult to give help to people in need.
What if you could save up to three lives without spending a dime and reap benefits for yourself as well? By blocking out 30 minutes to an hour of your schedule, you can donate a pint of blood Thursday, June 4 from 1 o 6 p.m. at the Red Cross Blood Drive at the East Brewton Civic Center.
Anyone 17 years or older and weighing at least 110 pounds with good health can donate. The benefits – you get a mini check-up and by donating regularly (one can give blood every 54 days), keeping the blood continuously replenishing itself there is less chance of plaque building or the blood becoming stagnate thereby lowering cholesterol in most cases. This is especially beneficial to Caucasian males and both male and female Afro-Americans.
Red Cross is global and gets the blood to where it’s needed, whether to the local hospital or to wounded military overseas.
Can’t give blood? You would be hard pressed to find an organization more worthy of one’s volunteering. The East Escambia Chapter phone number is 867-3426. Call today to learn how you can help.
See you at the drive.
Gary Robinson
ARC board member

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