Campaign could be cleaner

Published 4:37 pm Thursday, June 4, 2009

By By now, we should know which candidate will fulfill the late state Sen. Pat Lindsey’s seat.
After weeks of campaigning, the new senator will have just a few months to get used to his role before the next campaign begins.
Let’s hope the next round is not quite so dirty as this one has been.
Both Republican Greg Albritton and Democrat Marc Keahey have slung some mud in this race — even though neither has even been campaigning long.
Commercials and direct mail pieces made some allegations that distorted the records of both men.
But what was the purpose? Albritton and Keahey are of opposite political parties; they clearly have different ideologies on which they could have based a more dignified public debate on the issues.
We have some serious issues at stake for our state and our district, and their mudslinging did little to address what is most important for all of us in a shrinking economy.
But what might be most irksome is the disrespect the dirty politics showed to Lindsey’s memory. Pat Lindsey served this district for many years, and he was a strong advocate for his constituents. The men campaigning to replace him could have treated each other and the voters with more respect.
We hope that the winner of the race now conducts himself with more respect and honor for the position and the people.

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