Water, melons mix well|Column

Published 5:56 pm Monday, June 22, 2009

By Staff
Lisa Tindell
It’s hot. I’m sure that isn’t news to anyone who has ventured out of their home over the past week or so.
I’ve run into so many people that have been commenting on the weather this past week and everyone says how hot it is. Yep, I always agree.
After agreeing that the temperatures we’ve been experiencing are putting a strain on my deodorant, I usually tell folks it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I say that because I believe it to be true.
Sunday will be the first day of summer and we have already experienced temperatures of 100 degrees and heat indices of up to 106 degrees. Not exactly the week to get out and mow the grass.
Although I gripe about hot weather (I prefer winter), there are some things that come with summer that are quite enjoyable.
Watermelons are available and so are squash and good tomatoes. Along with great summer vegetables, you can also get in a nice, cool body of water without being frowned upon. 
In my younger days, oh, so many years ago, my family made an almost daily pilgrimage to Cedar Creek. We had our favorite swimming holes along the creek and were deeply offended if someone got to our spot before we did.
During the years of my youth my family also spent entire days on the banks of Cedar Creek complete with a grill, cans of pork and beans and even an ear or two of the corn we had shucked the day before. It was some of the most glorious days and I find myself longing for that time again and again.
I’ve said so many times that my son is missing out on so much that we fondly remember doing when I was a child. He is missing out and, sadly, will probably never know the joys of a watermelon rind fight at the creek.
The memories I hold about summer life as a child are mine. Since I can’t expose my son to many of those same activities, I’ll have to help him make memories of his own.
Now, where did we put those fishing poles?
Lisa Tindell is news editor for The Brewton Standard.
She can be reached by email at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.