Project encourages broadband

Published 7:01 pm Monday, July 6, 2009

By Staff
From staff reports
The state of Alabama’s  “ConnectingALABAMA” broadband initiative has  announced the launch of a website with features that allow visitors to test the speed of their Internet connection and share stories about how high-speed service helps their families and businesses.  It can be found at
The goal of ConnectingALABAMA, a two-year initiative launched  in January, is to identify accessibility and barriers to high-speed coverage in all areas of the state, implement strategies to improve access through expanded coverage, and increase the use of broadband technologies to enhance education, health care, public safety, agriculture, tourism and more. 
The site has been designed to also be conducive for those with the slower dial up Internet service.
In order to develop a benchmark of where broadband currently exists and does not exist, the project is working with over 100 internet service providers across the state. 
The data collected is being aggregated into maps that reveal unserved and underserved communities, which are those with only one ISP option and/or speeds that do not meet the FCC’s minimum definition of basic broadband. 
By the end of 2009, plans are for on-line interactive maps to be added to the website.  This feature will allow visitors to the site to identify which internet service providers, if any, provide broadband access in their community. 

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