Flowers acts like school boy|Letter to the Editor

Published 8:21 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2009

By Staff
Alan Caudle
Steve Flowers in his column printed on the Fourth of July alleged that Democrats are less like to read and consider news media when voting and further insinuates the we are not as discerning as Republicans.
Mr. Flowers is in fact practicing that the undiscerning behavior he assigns exclusively to Democrats.
What Flowers is really doing is calling names like a schoolboy and labeling without “discerning” what the truth is.
Labeling is an easy way to attack any group but rarely if ever is an accurate reflection of the group labeled.
Having received a decent education I believe I can discern that Flowers has adopted a not so well discerned attitude of “if they are not with me they’re against me.”
His insinuations are insulting and not appreciated.
His name calling and insults are a large part of the problem in politics.
Alan Caudle