DEVELOPING STORY: Brewton native injured in Georgia tubing accident

Published 9:58 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2009

By Staff
A Brewton native is relying on faith as her 14-year-old son begins his
recovery from injuries sustained in a tubing accident this past weekend.
Davis had an MRI Wednesday, and was scheduled to have a procedure Wednesday
afternoon to lessen the possibility of complications from blood clots.
Davis Wallace, son of Tina (Maddox) and Mike Wallace of Bainbridge, Ga.,
and the grandson of Barbara and Jimmy Maddox of Brewton, is in a Tallahassee
hospital, where he is expected to undergo surgery on Thursday.
Flint River in Bainbridge on our boat," his mom posted on a Caring Bridge
site created for those interested in following his recovery. "The boys were
tubing and Davis and his friend, Jake, were on the tube when a large wake
threw them off of the tube and into the bank of the river into brush and
Davis suffered from multiple injuries, including damage to his liver,
internal bleeding and cracked ribs. He also suffered an injury to his spinal
cord in the T12-L1 area. His spinal cord was damaged, not severed, and is
now misaligned, his mother wrte.
is not able to move them on his own," she wrote. "The doctor’s term for this
is “incomplete spinal cord injury.”
The friend has a broken finger and a hairline fracture on his right hip.
On Thursday, Davis will have surgery to repair the spinal column, Barbara
Maddox said Wednesday morning. He will later be fitted for a brace that will
allow him to sit up, she said.
Maddox said. "Tina told him that she understands his medical explanation,
but that if God wants Davis to move his legs, he will."
Wednesday morning, the waiting room in Tallahassee was filled with friends
and family members from Bainbridge and Brewton, Maddox said.
Friends who wish to follow Davis's progress may do so at