Community steps up for schools

Published 11:40 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2009

By Staff
Brewton and East Brewton schools have faced a new school year with some challenges — both in finances and logistics — but they have benefited from both communities stepping up to help.
W.S. Neal Elementary School got a new heating and air conditioning system over the summer — but the work lasted right up to the last minute, leaving little time for teachers and school officials to get classrooms set up in time for the first day of school.
That’s when a host of helpers — faculty and staff from other schools, students and parents — pitched in to move furniture, clean floors and get everything in order in time for students to arrive.
At Brewton Elementary, teachers thought they would have to dig into their pockets to help supply their classrooms with needed materials, with a supply stipend for teachers stripped from the statewide education budget.
But the school’s Parent Teacher Organization stepped in to give each teacher a $250 VISA gift card to buy the supplies they needed.
We know that, even without help, our schools and teachers would have risen to meet any challenge, but it’s nice to know that we have a community that is willing to do what it takes to make things better for our students.
Brewton and East Brewton residents have shown they care about education in large ways — by passing and renewing property taxes for education — and in small ways, by simply moving desks and mopping floors.
We’re grateful for our schools and our teachers, and we’re grateful for the community that supports them.

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