Parks open to kids’ approval

Published 2:46 am Wednesday, September 9, 2009

By Staff
We’ve all heard that familiar whine: There’s nothing to do in Brewton.
Well, Brewton officials have been working hard over the past several months to add some things for children to do — and two of those attractions opened over the weekend.
The new skateboard park is open at Burnt Corn Creek Park downtown, and the splash pad is open at Dogwood Hills.
Children and adults were on hand to enjoy both over the weekend, and we think everyone was excited to have such quality attractions in our community.
The skate park is the result of hard work raising funds by the city’s Quality of Life Committee. The splash pad was funded by part of the proceeds of the sale of land to the school board for a new middle school. In addition to these parks changes, the city has funded new playground equipment at Sportsman Park. There is also money set aside for a new commnity center at the old middle school when it is vacated, and work continues on the improvements at City Park downtown, funded by an anonymous donor.
A note of caution: Parents and children need to heed the rules posted outside both the splash pad and the skate park.
At the splash pad, in particular, there were a few skinned knees on Monday as children tried to navigate the wet concrete.
As one parent said: “That’s why the sign says ‘no running.’”
We’re glad to have such nice facilities in Brewton — especially at a time when many communities are cutting back.