Work begins on new ministry’s dorm

Published 3:01 am Monday, September 14, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

If you ask Bo Bell how he’s building the New Beginnings Ministries complex, he’ll probably give you a one-word answer: God.
The “us” in Bell’s mind will be up to 28 men who will have a place to beat addictions when the compound is complete — hopefully within the next 90 days.
That community support has found its way to the Pea Ridge Road location in the form of doors, windows, prayers, food, monetary donations and hard labor.
Bell said everything up to this point has been done on faith and through acts of God and community support. He said the continuation of the project will go forward the same way.
Bell said he had a vision for the in-residence treatment facility for men who are suffering from addiction.
Help will be given to men who are ready to face their addictions and break free from them with little concern for their financial standing, Bell said.
Bell said currently the eight spaces available at the residence are all occupied and the need for more space has been shown.
Bell is joined by J.T. Weaver in a corporation that will work to complete the complex and keep the ministry going. Sam Barfield, also a former addict, is working as secretary for the group.
Bell said office doors and windows were made possible by a donation from Weaver’s Glass and other donations are moving projects on the property forward constantly.

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