No parole for Haveard

Published 3:50 am Monday, September 21, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

Mike Haveard will spend at least four more years in prison on a 20-year sentence after the Alabama Parole Board denied parole last week. Haveard’s case was presented to the board as a medical review, officials said.
Greg Forbes, commander of the 21st Judicial Drug Task Force, traveled to Montgomery to speak in opposition of Haveard’s potential parole.
Forbes said Haveard had not begun to make restitution for his crimes to the state or victims in the case.
Family members spoke on behalf of Haveard, but members of the parole board said they would not hear the case during the next four years, Forbes said.
Haveard pleaded guilty and was sentenced in July 2008 on three cases involving the distribution of controlled substance. In the first case, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison as well as being assessed up to $25,000 in restitution fees. In the second and case, he was sentenced to 20 years on each case with an assessment of $30,000 in fines on each case. Fines including court costs, $1,000 in a DRA assessment and $100 to the Forensic Science Restitution Fund were imposed in each of the three cases.
Charges of possession of a controlled substance were nol prossed as part of the plea agreement between attorneys for the state and the defendant’s attorney.

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