City traffic fines up|Council changes existing ordinance

Published 4:09 am Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor
Motorists in the Brewton will soon be paying fines for parking violations after members of the Brewton City Council approved the changes Tuesday.
Steve Yuhasz, community development director for the City of Brewton, said the fines will became law after proper publication.
When seeking the increase in fines last month, Police Chief Monte McGougin said he began to consider raising the fines after being approached by motorists who use handicapped parking spaces.
The ordinance amended by the Council places the fine for violating the handicapped parking provision at $75. Other violations would have a fine of $25. Those violations include parking in a fire zone, parking near a fire hydrant, parking in prohibited parking, blocking the sidewalk, parking in a restricted area and blocking traffic.
City Clerk John Angel said the funds generated through the paying of the fines would ultimately be placed in the city’s general fund.
Fine increases
Handicapped zone    $75
Fire zone    $25
Fire hydrant    $25
Prohibited parking    $25
Blocking sidewalk    $25
Restricted area    $25
Blocking traffic    $25