Response provides security

Published 4:21 am Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By Staff
Members of law enforcment and emergency response teams were called to what could have been a dangerous situation near Atmore Saturday night.
In response to a 911 call regarding a chemical spill, three fire departments along with three law enforcement agencies responded to the scene putting their lives in danger as a result.
Although the chemical in question posed no serious threat to any of the responders or to the community, the uncertainty they faced could have been unnerving.
Escambia County Emergency Management Director David Adams offered praise for each of the departments responding to the incident citing their bravery and cool-headed response in the situation.
We also applaud those agencies that responded to the incident. By taking the necessary steps, they ensured the safety of everyone at the scene as well as the community surrounding the site.
The event offered those involved further opportunity to experience potential threats to our area and learn more about how to respond.
Given the proximity of major highways and Interstate roadways in our county, that experience is invaluable to every resident of this area.
Through the training and dedication to the communities those first-responders serve what could have been a major disaster was averted.
We offer our thanks knowing their quick and focused response has given a sense of security to us all.