Aiming for success|Pearson’s Archery under new ownership

Published 4:35 am Monday, September 28, 2009

By By Lydia Grimes
features reporter

Hands experienced in using bows design and craft the products at Ben Pearson Archery.
The company has been a part of Brewton since 1997, when Tom McMillan bought the business and moved it here from Oklahoma.
In April of this year, the ownership of the company changed hands. The industry is now owned by Jeremy Blackmon, Chris Stokes and Alton Matchett.
In 2004, Blackmon left the company for a while to do cabinet work and lawn care.
Blackmon came to Ben Pearson from Pensacola, and he still commutes from the city.
Archery is now a big business, Blackmon said, having made a comeback in recent years.
Bows of today are nothing like they once were, he said. Gone are the days of wooden monsters; they have been replaced with bows of synthetic materials, which have wheels and pulleys on them.
There is a bow for everyone, Blackmon said.
Blackmon said that the products are sent to shops all over, with the nearest one in Pollard run by Todd White.
While the owners of the business enjoy their craft and work to be successful, Blackmon said they have one ultimate goal.

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