Will spraying harm county?|Letter to the Editor

Published 5:10 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

By Staff
Clair Cooper Sanborn
I am writing in reference to the article about the new spraying program to be used in Escambia County.  I am very concerned about what all those “cheap” chemicals will do to our water supply.  Will it contaminate our creeks and rivers? No where in the article is this issue addressed.
For this chemical substance to last for 3 (three) years, it must be very powerful. What is to keep it from washing (particularly with all the rain we have had recently) into our creeks and rivers?  What will keep it from seeping into our underground water supply?  What effect will it have not only the water but on us when we drink or play in it? 
I would hope that the County Commissioners have considered these questions. I would also hope that they will pass what I consider to be vital information about possible pollution or contamination on to the voters before they sign a contract with this company.
I am a very concerned resident of this county.
Clair Cooper Sanborn
Brewton resident
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