Landowner explains position

Published 6:10 am Thursday, October 8, 2009

By Staff
I would like to state my reasons for developing a private community.
This property joins Snider road approximately 2 1/2 miles southwest of Brewton city limits.
First and foremost, all owners shall purchase three or more acres. Owners will have space for outbuildings, a pool and a horse if they desire.
The access road will be clearly marked “private road” by a permanent sign. Covenants on this property are included in all deeds and are installed to insure that occupants enjoy higher than average standards of living.
I now list some of the covenants: 1. A speed limit of 15 mph will be enforced; 2. No harsh chemicals may be sprayed on the shoulders of the roads. Protection of the environment and wildlife must be insured on the entirety of this property; 3. No firearms shall be discharged on this property. No animal or bird may be harmed by trap, gun or bow and arrow; 4. All owners must keep their property mowed and free of litter at all times whether occupied or not; 5. No vehicle, boat or boat trailer may be placed on the property unless properly tagged and in good working condition; 6. Parcels shall be of three acres or more; 7. Homes must be site-built only; 8. Each parcel under 10 acres may have one single family dwelling only. Parcels greater than 10 acres may contain not more than two single-family dwellings; 9. No signs may be placed on this property; 10. All garbage must be kept in enclosed BFI containers; 11. The access road is private and Escambia County is not obligated to maintain the road, utilities or signs. This property is not part of any subdivision.
The reason that I am not interested in the promise of county maintenance is clear and simple. I live on a one-lane pot-holed dirt road in a county subdivision. We have sought adequate roadwork for many years and it is just as bad now as it ever was.
Mason Fleming

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