Volunteers making a difference

Published 7:31 am Wednesday, October 21, 2009

By Staff
If Disney keeps its promise to admit guests in free for a day just for volunteering, Brewton area residents could fill the park in a flash.
Volunteers were plentiful this week as several projects and events were held.
Dozens of volunteers showed up at a Habitat for Humanity build that will provide a nice home for a family in need. The completed home, over the course of the next four weekends, will represent thousands of hours of volunteer work done by people in our community.
More than a handful of Lions Club members and friends of the club showed up behind the Escambia County Courthouse on Saturday for a car and motorcycle show. That show netted a decent amount of funds that will be used to help with a variety of charitable causes in the coming year.
A large group of men and women were on hand as volunteers to bait hooks and demonstrate proper casting this weekend as the Fishers of Men organization held their annual fishing day for children and senior citizens.
Volunteers also manned concession stands, worked sound equipment and even announced a little during youth football events held in East Brewton on Saturday.
More than 100 units of blood were collected because residents volunteered their time to man the donation site and so many more took the time to donate.
We are truly blessed to have so many individuals who are willing to give of their time and talents all to make our community a better place to live.
Those volunteers also contribute their own money, along with their efforts, to help raise funds needed to help someone have a home, have glasses or just learn to enjoy nature are a priceless addition to our community.
The next time you enjoy the services provided at the hands of a volunteer, be sure to thank them. It’s the only pay they’ll get.