Reader offers praise for Danny|Letter to the Editor

Published 8:06 am Thursday, October 29, 2009

By Staff
Cliff Coppage, Rph.
This is an open letter to the nice people of Brewton. Do we need the chamber of commerce while we have Danny (no need for the last name) as he is so well known over the good old U.S.A. by now?
Danny has gotten the city of Brewton more publicity in the last year than the chamber has in the last 25 years. But the best part is it has all been
good news. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and Fox News.
I would like to tell you a few things that all of them have left out. While working with Big ‘B’ Drugs, I would spend time walking down the half block and talk to Danny. One night at closing time we were walking the lot to lock up, a young lady was standing there with a baby in her arms. It was cool and getting dark and Danny asked ‘What are you doing here?’ She said waiting for
my husband to pick me up. Danny unlocked the door and said come in here and we will wait. Most of our kind pharmacists would have said I hope he comes soon and went on home to our family. No, not Danny.
Another time was Christmas day when a lady came in with a bottle from Walmart and said I don’t have a pill to take tonight. Danny said give me your bottle. She did and he put a pill in and handed it back to her and told her to have a Merry Christmas. I said to Danny that was not a cheap pill.
But that is Danny.
When Danny was president of AOA and he was at the Davison meetings he would always say something about the Blueberry day in Brewton. Also at the convention that year he said that we had a pharmacist as mayor and if you speed through Brewton you would get a prescription for 24 Levaquin. I know this may not sound funny to you unless you don’t have insurance and have gotten one.
This is not to say that when he is out of town he may be building a house in some other country.
I could probably talk a week on Danny. The one thing is, it would all be good.
Cliff Coppage, Rph.

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