EBYF ends regular season on road

Published 8:29 am Monday, November 2, 2009

By Staff
from staff reports
On Saturday, Oct. 24, the East Brewton Youth Football teams headed to Evergreen to face off against the Jaguars.
The EB Midgets ended their season with a 7-0 victory over the Jaguars and left them with a 5-2 overall record.
Christian Madden (#12) led the Midgets with 69 rushing yards that included a touchdown and point after conversion that accounted for East Brewton’s only score.
Marcus Dillard (#13) had five carries for 14 yards and a solo interception in the game.
Also contributing to the offensive victory was Konner Wood (#20) with one carry for seven yards and Caleb Sexton (#15) with one carry for three yards.
Defensive stats were as follows; Christian Madden (#12) six tackles; Dylan Ingram (#4), Brendan Jenkins and Paxton Scurlock each had four tackles; Marcus Dillard (#13) three tackles; Triston McCreary (#8), Conner Nelson (#9), Caleb Sexton (#15), Konner Wood (#20), Colin Stinson (#22) and Walker Cunningham (#26) each had a solo tackle.
Evergreen 18,
EB Tiny Mites 12
The East Brewton Tiny Mites struggled with turnovers that kept them from bringing home the win against the Jaguars.
Isaac Bonam (#28) had fourteen carries for 89 yards that included one of the two touchdowns of the game.
Quarterback Matthew Thomas (#40) had eight carries for 52 yards and a 10-yard pass completion to Brendan Jenkins (#5).
Jamal Duggans (#17) had two carries that yielded East Brewton’s second touchdown of the day.
Leading the Tiny Mites defense were Nehemiah Nearor (#33), Matthew Thomas (#40), Jamal Duggans (#17), Tucker Davenport (#36), Jennings Hobbs (#21) and Steven Dyess (#67).
A final score of East Brewfib 12 and Evergreen 18 ended the regular season for the Tiny Mites . They ended the season with a record of 4-3 which advanced them to the Tri-County West Division play-offs. That game starts today at 1:30 p.m. in Georgiana.
EB Termites 24,
Evergreen 0
The East Brewton Termites finished the regular season with four consecutive shutouts and undefeated in the West Division.
Jacoby Hawthorne (#2) carried the ball six times for a total of 95 yards; Christian Taylor (#3) rushed for 43 yards and had one 18-yard pass reception; Matt Hutchins (#5) had a total of three pass receptions that included two touchdowns.
Keith Barksdale (#1) carried the ball three times for 50 yards; Tyshawn Davis (#22) had one 21-yard pass reception and carried the ball one time for 18 yards.
Duane Hamby (#8) caught an 11-yard pass in the end zone from Quarterback Joseph Booker (#11) that resulted in the last touchdown of the game.
These offensive stats combined to make a total of 236 yards rushing and 94 passing yards to defeat the Jaguars 24-0.
The defensive players responsible for holding the Jaguars scoreless were Jacoby Hawthorne (#2), Matt Hutchins (#5), Weston Riddle (#7), Duane Hamby (#8), Joseph Booker (#11), Tyrese Anderson (#12), Nathaniel Hutcheson (#15), Tyshawn Davis (#22), J.T. Lane (#32), Dshoz Lett (#33) and Rick Samuel (#35).
The East Brewton Termites finished the regular season with an overall record of 4-3 advancing them to the playoffs in Georgiana today. Kick-off is at 3 p.m.
EB Pee Wees 18,
Evergreen 18, 4 OT
The East Brewton Pee Wee’s were responsible for the heart stopper game of the week. East Brewton had a tough time with the Jaguars.
Quarterback Lane Chavers (#18) completed two passes for 16 yards to Malcolm Hawthorne (#2).
The offense was led by Malcolm Hawthorne (#2) who had 24 carries for 145 yards and three touchdowns. 
Miles Powell (#16) ran the ball 15 times for 49 yards. Mykail Johnson (#21) had three carries for six yards.
The entire Pee Wee team was a part of this defensive battle.  The defense was led by J.T. Lane (#32) with 10 tackles; Malcolm Hawthorne (#2) with seven tackles; Matt Franklin (#53) with five tackles; Miles Powell (#16) with five tackles; Geovoni Little (#29), Lane Chavers (#18), Malik Grace (#15), Joseph Booker (#11), Troy Lewis (#3), Tyshawn Davis (#22), Mykail Johnson (#21), Trey Taylor (#5) and Taylor “Catfish” Cole (#52).
The fourth quarter of the game ended with a score of 6-6 and resulted in the Pee Wee team heading into overtime for the first time this year.
The first overtime ended with both teams scoring a touchdown but both missing the extra point, which kept them tied at 12-12. 
The second overtime was scoreless by both teams, which put the Eagles into the third overtime.
In the third overtime both teams scored and both missed the extra point again, which left the score at 18-18.
The fourth overtime found neither team scoring. However, by Tri-County rules after triple overtime finds the teams remaining in a tie, the team closest to the end zone is declared the winner. That rule found the East Brewton going into the books with a win.
A final score of East Brewton 18 and Evergreen 18 ended the regular season for the Pee Wees with a record of 6-1. That record  advanced the team to the Tri-County West Division play-offs. The game for the Pee Wees begins today with a 4:30 p.m. kick off in Georgiana.

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