East Brewton Termites are Super Bowl bound

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, November 4, 2009

By Staff
From staff reports
East Brewton’s Eagles traveled to Georgiana last Saturday, Oct. 31, to battle for the title of Tri-County West Division champion and a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl.
At the end of the day, only one of East Brewton’s teams advanced.
The Tiny Mites (7 and 8 year olds) season ended with a loss to the Evergreen Jaguars with a final score Evergreen 13 and EB 0.
Evergreen 8,
East Brewton Pee Wees 0
In spite of a fierce defensive battle, the EB’s Pee Wees (11 and 12 year olds) could not hold off the Evergreen Jaguars, as they lost by a final score of Jaguars 8 and EB 0.
The Jaguars went on the win the West Division when they defeated Georgiana by the same score. EB’s Pee Wees ended the season with a 6-2 record.
EB Termites 14,
Evergreen 0
East Brewton’s Termites (9 and 10 year olds) began the day facing off against the Evergreen Aggies.
After a scoreless first quarter EB’s offense broke the tie with quarterback Joseph Booker (No. 11) carrying the ball across the goal line for the first touchdown and point after conversion of the half.
Christian Taylor (No. 3) had seven carries and one reception for a total of 61 yards.
Jacoby Hawthorne (No. 2) carried the ball six times for 39 yards.
Joseph Booker (No. 11) had nine carries for 46 yards.
The fourth quarter of play brought about the second touchdown when Booker (No. 11) did a quarterback sneak into the end zone and passed to Tyshawn Davis (No. 22) for the point after. 
Tyshawn Davis (No. 22) was the recipient of three passes yielding a total of 38 yards.
Matt Hutchins (No. 5) also had a pass reception for 12 yards.
EB’s defense did just what they were supposed to do and shutdown the Aggies offense.
Leading the defense in tackles and assists were J.T. Lane (No. 32), Joseph Booker (No. 11), Duane Hamby (No. 8), Christian Taylor (No. 3), Tyshawn Davis (No. 22), Tyreke Williams (No. 31), Jacoby Hawthorne (No. 2), Harley Fuqua (No. 9) and Tyrese Anderson (No. 12).
The final score of EB 14 and Evergreen 0 clinched the Termites spot in the Super Bowl and set them up for the West Division championship game against Greenville.
EB Termites 26,
Greenville 7
The rain had finally stopped and the EB Termites were ready for battle with their next opponent of the day, the Greenville Tigers.
EB didn’t waste time in getting some points on the board.
Quarterback Joseph Booker (No. 11) snuck into the end zone for EB’s first score.
Touchdown number two came that same quarter when Booker (No. 11) passed to Matt Hutchins (No. 5) for a 44-yard reception and the point after attempt was no good.
A play action pass to Matt Hutchins (No. 5) in the second quarter was completed for EB’s third touchdown of the day.
Christian Taylor (No. 3) was responsible for the point after conversion resulting in a score of 20-0 going into the second half.
In the fourth quarter of play Tyshawn Davis (No. 22) jumped high to receive a pass in the end zone for EB’s final touchdown of the day. 
Jacoby Hawthorne (No. 2) led EB in rushing yardage with a total of 103; Christian Taylor (No. 3) had nine carries for 79 yards; Matt Hutchins (No. 5) had three pass receptions for 58 yards; Tyshawn Davis (No. 22) had two receptions for 56 yards; Joseph Booker (No. 11) rushed for 24 yards.
The Termites defense held Greenville to a scoreless game until the last couple minutes when they allowed the Tigers to score, breaking a 19-quarter shut out streak.
Leading this defense were J.T. Lane (No. 32), Duane Hamby (No. 8), Joseph Booker (No. 11), Tyrese Anderson (No. 12), Matt Hutchins (No. 5), Peyton Salter (No. 18), Tyshawn Davis (No. 22), Devin Parker (No. 50), Keith Barksdale (No. 1), Christian Taylor (No. 3) and Haegan Dykes (No. 20).
Total offensive stats for the Termites were 346 yards rushing and 170 yards passing, just enough to earn them the Tri-County West Division Champion title.
EB will face the Crestview Bulldogs Saturday, Nov. 7 at 3 p.m. in Andalusia for round one of the Super Bowl playoffs.