Demo funds limited|City: Apply now or pay later

Published 9:08 am Monday, November 9, 2009

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

Owners of dilapidated homes in Brewton are running out of time to save money.
Steve Yuhasz, director of community for the City of Brewton, said funds for the demolition of structures listed in the city’s inventory of dilapidated homes won’t last forever.
Homeowners now have the opportunity to have those structures torn down without any expense and with not stipulations on the demolition, Yuhasz said.
Seven houses have already been torn down using a portion of the funds made available through a Community Development Block Grant from the Federal Government, Yuhasz said.
Currently there are 90 dilapidated structures on the city’s list of those that are in such a state of disrepair that they need to be torn down.
Yuhasz said owners of those homes on the list still need to apply to have the demolition done in a timely manner.
Yuhasz said those who have structures on the city list need only provide a few items in order to complete the application process.
Yuhasz said there are many reasons the structures on the list have been targeted for demolition.
Yuhasz said safety issues are also a concern with many of the structures that are located throughout the Brewton area.
Those interested in applying for the no-cost demolition of dilapidated houses/structures inside the Brewton City limits may apply at the Community Development office located at Brewton City Hall on Douglas Avenue.
For information, call the Community Development office at 809-1760